Monday, March 05, 2007

Black Mountain Classic

Sarah, Keri and I headed over to the "sunrise side of the state" on saturday morning for the Black Mountain Classic Ski Race. It used to be a 30 km event, but it is now up to 34 km. For those unable and/or unwilling to do the conversion, my GPS had it at 19.98 miles. They haven't posted the results yet, but I'm pretty sure I improved over last year. My time was the almost the same as last year (2hrs. 50min.), but most people had times about fifteen minutes slower than last year. I'm operating under the assumption that this means I'm getting faster. The first picture is the start of the race taken from across the lake by Sarah. The second one is a byproduct of her volunteer duties. She stood at the bottom of a huge hill before the finish to warn/remind skiers of a big, ninety degree right turn. She said there were quite a few crashes, and this shot turned out the best. I only have one race left in the u.p. next weekend, and then it will be time to shift over to the bike full time. We're still skiing on tuesday nights until the snow melts. Take care, and be good.

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Lianna said...

Congrats Pete, nordic ski racing looks like a lot of fun. Good luck at the Bear Chase, and say Hi! to the bear for me....I'm pretty sure I know who it's going to be.