Tuesday, May 27, 2008

13.1 MILES

From Sarah:

I ran in my first ½ Marathon this past Saturday. The day was perfect for Northern Michigan. With the start close to the light house on Old Mission Peninsula, the race started at 7am and it was around 40 degrees, sunny and the water was like glass. I fueled up with a power bar bagel, good protein and carbs, a gu and lots of water and only one cup of coffee.
I wasn’t really that nervous, for some reason I knew I could do it, it may hurt, but I was going to do the 13.1 miles.
The race started and I ran slow at the beginning, a lot of people passed me. I was able to run to mile 9 without walking and I actually felt good. But, I didn’t want to push it, so I grabbed an orange and a few pretzels from the most amazing aid stations and after a second, I knew it was the wrong thing to do. I was starving. I didn’t eat enough and my energy was going down. I decided to walk for 2 minutes and rest a bit and after that, I would run 15 min and walk 2. This seemed to work because I made it to the finish with a smile on my face and the time of 2 hours and 35 minutes and that is about an 11 minute mile average. I even got a medal at the end! Even though no one was there to cheer me to the finish line, I had a lot of people cheering for me in thought.
First of all my husband, Pete. He made it possible to go to a great personal trainer this past winter and I was able to strength train my body in preparation for the run. And he also gave me his two cents once in awhile and we all know what that is……
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” and the like!
Thanks to Scott Conti for training me into a running machine and yelling at me when I ate bad food.
To my running partners, Denise Simon, for when it was freezing and making me get up and run, even on the ice! And even Hugh joined me for a run when Denise was out of town. Also Kelly and Lacey for picking up for Denise because she went to France. These girls made it possible to get my miles in and it was actually fun!
There is something to be said about partners and friends to help you along. There really are days you want to say, “Well, I can just do my miles tomorrow”, but since someone else is counting on you, you go.
If I can train for 5 months and endure the pain and sweat, so can any of you. Because in the end, it feels so amazing that you accomplished this feat!
Next, Mackinaw Island Lilac Feast 10K.
Sorry honey, I will mow the lawn first!

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Sarge said...

From what I hear, Lilacs don't taste too good.