Monday, May 12, 2008

Niko Joins The Team

Niko turned two yesterday, and Sarah and I decided the perfect present would be a shiny new bike.

Not without your helmet little buddy.

It's got a nifty handle/steering device until he figures out how to pedal/steer on his own.

We tooled around the driveway for a bit, and Niko really seemed to enjoy his new toy. Welcome to the team little man. We then had a really nice Mother's Day Dinner to round out the weekend.

While not nearly as exciting as a two year old with a new bike, I had a pretty good weekend riding.
Saturday: I got in 50.56 miles on the road bike in 2:58:14. Averages: Heart rate 136. Speed 16.8 mph. Watts 187.

Sunday: I was looking to get in another three hour ride, but the legs just weren't cooperating. Ended up settling for two hours on the mountain bike with an insane amount of climbing.

That's all to report for now. WNR @ Boyne this week. I'll be heading out at five for some hard intervals beforehand if anyone wants to join me. Until next time then.


Zach Rodgers said...
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Zach Rodgers said...

right on. we've got wheels too. have to get these kids together for a ride.

Sarge said...

Glad to see a new rider for Team Terpening out there tearing it up in the driveway. You'll have to invite some of his friends over for some time trials up and down the driveway!