Friday, May 09, 2008

Rigid 1X1

Had a good turnout for the WNR this week in spite of the less than stellar weather. Benson, Matt, Scott, Sarah, and I rode the Loop; and with the exception of a few downed trees, the trail is in pretty good shape. It was my first trip out on the singlespeed with the steel fork, and it actually felt pretty good. It's also super light set up that way (a hair under 22lbs.), so that's nice. The weather's looking pretty good for this weekend, and I'm planning on riding saturday afternoon and sunday morning. Give me a call if you want to tag along, and I'll give you specific times and places. In other bike related news: Niko (my nephew) turns two on sunday, and I just finished building up his first bike. It has three wheels and a bucket on the back to haul stuff. I'll get some pictures of him and it on sunday.

Lastly: I had an anonymous poster inquiring about the 3 day event. Friday night is a short time trial on the road. Saturday is a longish marathon mountain bike race. Sunday is a shorter cross country mountain bike race. This will be the second year I've organized this event. Last year we had a pretty good turnout with appox. 20 riders turning out for one or all of the events. So far this year attendance is looking a little low. A lot of people seem to have scheduling conflicts. To the anonymous poster: if you'd like detailed info., let me know who you are and get me an email address. Then I'll see about getting you an evite.

Take care everybody. Have a good weekend, and happy mother's day to all the moms out there.

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