Monday, May 11, 2009

BIke 2 Work Week: Day 1

The thermometer topped out at 28 degrees when I rolled out of the driveway this morning for day 1 of National Bike to Work Week. Now that I've ridden in to work when it's that cold out, I figure it really can't get any worse this week. The local bike shop (Touring Gear) is buying a cup of joe for anyone that rides to work all week at the Woolly Bugger. So not only did I save on gas, I got free coffee to boot. No work tomorrow, but no driving the car either as I'm planning on a super long road ride into uncharted realms of pavement. I'm going to ride over around Burt Lake on part of a route suggested by John Newberry. In other bike related news, Matt and I got out for a good long mountain bike ride yesterday despite the cold and wind. WNR @ HQ. Oberon or Founder's IPA on tap, whichever comes in first. That's all for now. Over and out.

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