Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning

I don't have much to report from the weekend. Had a good time at Benson's 40th birthday party saturday night, and I took some pictures. But I left my computer at home today, so you can't see them. Perhaps they will show up later in the week. Yesterday Sarah and I met up with Matt, Jess, and Erin for a ride on the NCT up at Sturgeon Bay. Matt tore the read derailuer off his bike. I turned his rig into a ghetto singlespeed, and he was able to limp back to the car. We had planned on staying at the beach for dinner, but there was a hatching of some sort of annoying insect recently so we packed up after a beer and headed back to the HQ for grilling and more beer. Recovery week ends tomorrow with a 2-3 hour leisurely ride, and then it's back to business. WNR this week is the Ride of Silence. Meet at the municipal tennis courts in downtown Harbor Springs @ 6:30. Over and out.

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