Thursday, May 07, 2009

WNR #4

Weather: Sprinkling and 52 degrees.

Attendance: Benson, Matt, Sarah, Bruce, and myself.

Trail Conditions: Loop. For the most part clear, but it's still really sandy. Hopefully the rain we're getting today will firm things up a bit for this weekends long ride on sunday.

Despite the inclement weather, we still managed to have a pretty good ride. I had to do a little NASCAR move about twenty minutes in though. I've been pushing my luck with the wheels on my singlespeed in regards to the sealant. In other words, I've been too lazy to re-up on the sealant so far this year; and yesterday that laziness caught up with me. I aired up before the ride, but once I started up the climb to the 95 acres, I noticed a serious lack of air pressure in the front tire. I hit it up with some CO2 and headed back to HQ to swap out the front wheel with the one from my geared mountain bike. I was in and out of the shop and back on the bike in under sixty seconds flat, just like they do in the NASCAR pits (right Kevin). The rest of the ride was rather uneventful, and we retired to the screened in porch for beers and food. WNR next week @ HQ again, and I will have beer on tap. I just don't know what flavor yet.

The shop is nearing completion, and I've moved in a few of the necessities.

The bikes and the beer dispenser. Have a happy thursday, and thanks for reading.

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Zach Rodgers said...

The outbuilding is looking good. I'll be up there with Shep in three weeks. Look forward to getting together and sampling the kegerator then.