Thursday, May 21, 2009

WNR # 6

My riding yesterday was more of an all day affair than a "night ride". I rode to work in the morning. I rode home after work in the afternoon. Then I rode over to Matt's house for a tire/tube changing tutorial. After the lesson, he and I hit up a little urban singletrack to warm up for the ride of silence. Three + hours in the saddle, and it sure feels good to be ramping up again. I think that my recovery week was perfectly timed. I was feeling pretty run down and my legs were really heavy, but after a week of reduced volume and intenstity my legs are feeling pretty darn good. This morning I got up early and rode into to Petoskey for yoga practice before work, and that will get me close to another three hours in the saddle again today.

In other bike related news: I did some major work on the stable tuesday. I got two new tires sealed up and mounted on the first try. I did a minor overhaul on a hydraulic disc brake caliper. And I changed the middle chainring on my Q29er. I still need to mount up one more tire on the rear of the singlespeed, but after that mountain bike maitenance should be done for the time being. The commuter on the other hand is in need of some serious TLC (new chain, new tires, and possibly a new crankset). I'm also thinking about installing the original steel fork on her for a possible front rack. That's all to report for now. Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend.

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