Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sunday morning Rob and I were the only ones up for a ride after the previous night's festivities. Those of you that did not ride missed out on yet another wonderful day in the saddle. We started out at Kipp Rd. and headed north. Then we rode down the front of Nub's Nob and rode across the street to Boyne. From there we headed up the long paved climb. For some reason this always seems like a good idea until about the halfway point when you start thinking "this maybe wasn't such a good idea". It is however, without question, a very good workout. Then we rode the Peak to Peak trail and down Secret Steve's trail to the Bridges. Then the new sweet downhill on the backside and back out to Pleasantview Rd. We headed north to hook back in with the NCT at Sutsmanville Rd. and then rode south back to the cars. Good times, good times. 22.67 miles and 2,679 feet of climbing in 2:32.

Rob and I parted ways after the ride, and I headed into town to catch a ride on a sailboat. The SBYC came to Harbor Springs on sunday. JT and Madge had their sailboat in the water, as did Ceci and Tim. Stuts and Ed (the commodore) had their powerboats in the water as well. I sailed/floated with John and Madge for a few hours, and then Stuts ran me back into the shore before five so that I could make it home for dinner. The weather was perfect all day long, and I had so much fun I could barely stand it.

WNR @ NCT off the end of Chestnut Valley Road tomorrow night. The trails should be in much better shape after the rain we got yesterday. Hope to see everybody there.

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