Thursday, September 17, 2009

WNR #23

Attendance: Myself, Sarah, Benson, Rob, Kevin, Keri, and Dr. Phil (one of the original WNR's from way back in the day).

Weather: Cool but sunny.

Trail Conditions: Dry, and very sandy. But the logging recovery is coming along well.

It was nice to have Phil back in town for a couple of days. It's really cool that he can plan his visits around the WNR because he knows it will be happening even though he hasn't lived here in years. Everyone had a good ride, kind of. Sarah, Keri, and Phil were riding in one group. Keri was supposed to wait at the top of a climb before they turned right so that Sarah could take the lead since Keri doesn't really know the trails that well. Keri didn't stop and turned left. Phil followed. They rolled into the parking area about 45 minutes after we did, and it was really dark. But they made it back. Next weeks WNR @ NCT off the end of Chestnut Valley Road. Adios.

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