Monday, September 28, 2009

Cycling Adventure: Plan B

My cycling adventure got cut short a day on either end due to work stuff, so I ended up with three days to work with instead of five. The weather forecast for two of the three days was for heavy rain and thunderstorms. Luckily, I had a Plan B up my sleeve, and so I loaded up the truck with my mountain bike and headed to Marquette for the weekend to ride some new (to me) trails and not race. It occurred to me recently that I've always heard about the singletrack around Marquette being top notch, but I've never ridden it. Whenever I head up there it's for the Ore to Shore (which has very little singletrack). This time it was all about relaxing and riding.

Friday I stopped at the halfway point to ride Bruno's Run. I don't remember how many years it's been since I've ridden that particular trail, but it's been at least five or six. It was just as much fun as I'd remembered, although it seems like the last time I rode there it took me a lot longer. Check out the link below for ride information; and if you're ever in the area, give it a try.

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Saturday I headed out to the South Marquette Trails. They are very well marked loops that begin and end at the same trailhead. Killer singletrack with a lot of technical rocky stuff abounds. It took me close to two hours to do something like 13 or 14 miles. I didn't get all the loops in, so I can't wait to get back and try them out.

When I checked out of the hotel yesterday morning, it was cold and just starting to rain. I opted out of riding and took my time driving home. Plan B was nothing like Plan A, but I had a wonderful relaxing weekend in Marquette. That's not so bad. Check the calendar for this weeks WNR details. Hard to believe we've been at it for 25 weeks in a row now. Hope to see everyone there. Over and out.

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