Thursday, September 10, 2009

WNR #22

Weather: Hot. Temps. in the upper 70's and dry.

Attendance: Myself, Benson, Rob, Kevin, and Keri.

Trail Conditions: Sandy and Bumpy. There has been some horse traffic lately that chews up the trail a little, and we've had very little rain for the last couple of weeks.

Despite the small rider turnout (maybe it was too nice out for some people) we still managed a good fast paced ride from the parking area on Lark's Lake to Van Rd. and back. The pace was fast, but controlled on the way north. On the way south I put in a little extra effort and pretty much rode at the redline all the way back to the cars. My legs are feeling the race pace effort today, but it felt really good last night. I've got the day off tomorrow for the first time in almost three weeks, and I'm thinking a long road ride is in order. I've been mapping out a long a** road loop in my head for a while now, and tomorrow I'm looking to make it happen. Have a good weekend; and if you're interested in a Sunday morning ride down in the Jordan River Valley, check out the Team Calendar to the right for all the details. Next weeks WNR @ Boyne.

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