Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cap's Cabin

Sarah and I rented a cabin at Wilderness State Park on sunday night. Since we knew that Matt and Jess had sunday and monday off, we invited them to join us. Cap's Cabin was one of only two available for the night; and since we hadn't stayed in it before, we decided to give it a shot. It was nice. The stove didn't work particularly well, but there was a great spot in between the cabin and the beach that would be perfect for a couple of tents. We're going to see about reserving it for a weekend in early May for a little mini bike fest. The total occupancy is supposed to be 8, but I think we could fudge it up to 10. So if Matt and Jess were still in, that would leave us room for 4-6 more people. I was thinking maybe a short ride on the friday night followed by dinner and drinks. Then we could do a long ride on saturday followed by more dinner and drinks. Sunday I figured some people wouldn't be up for riding, but I'd be willing to lead a ride on the NCT south to town or HQ. Anybody interested?

Back to this weekend though. I had monday off as well this week, and I figured if I were so close to the U.P. I might as well do a little exploring. There is a small island off the eastern edge of the U.P. by the name of Neebish. It's about 25 square miles with a few roads and light human habitation. I've never been. Yesterday, I drove on some nice pretty back roads along the river until I got to the ferry. At that time, I would have had to wait an hour for the next ferry. The return trip wouldn't happen for two and a half hours. I just wasn't sure I could fill up 2.5 hours exploring such a small island. So I turned around and took some other nice pretty back roads south to the bridge. The colors were really nice up there, and they're starting to turn around here as well. This weeks WNR @ Boyne should be pretty, until it gets dark about a half hour after we'll be starting. Hope to see at least a few other's out to brave the dark and the cold. Over and out.

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