Saturday, October 24, 2009

WNR #28 (On Thursday)

Attendance: Myself, Benson, Rob, Kevin, and the new guys (Jason, Greg, and Charlie)

Weather: Cold, but not raining. Temps. right around 40 degrees. Dark.

Trail Conditions: Slippery and almost totally leaf covered. A few larger pieces of debris here and there.

It was definitely one of those nights where you really don't feel like riding. It's getting dark as you drive to the trailhead. It's really, really windy and cold. But as usual, within a couple turns of the pedals up that first hill, you're happy to be out on your bike. Mr. Benson set a brisk pace both out and back, and we ticked off the 9ish miles in around 50 minutes. In the dark, with the slipperiness that's a pretty good clip. Benson, Rob, and I headed up to the Pond for dinner afterwards. I hadn't been there in probably close to ten years. They've done a little remodeling, but the burgers are still excellent. We've got a big ride planned for tomorrow around noon leaving from the HQ. Next weeks WNR @ Boyne. Have a good weekend.

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