Thursday, October 01, 2009

WNR # 25

Attendance: Myself, Benson, Rob, and Keri kind of (Her car broke down right when she got to Benson's cabin, and she had to sit out the ride to wait for the tow truck. Boo).

Weather: Sunny and breezy. Chilly with temps. around the 50 degree mark.

Trail Conditions: The NCT north of Levering Rd. is in pretty good shape. The massive amounts of rain helped firm up some of the sandy sections, but it's still very clear that it just doesn't get used all that often. It's a tad overgrown in spots, and just a little bit on the bumpy/choppy side overall (compared to the sections further south).

The three of us had a good ride, and with the delay of helping Keri get a wrecker on the way we definitely needed our lights for the last half hours or so. Then it was beers by the campfire at Benson's cabin before dinner. The fire felt really good on a cool night. Next weeks ride at HQ. Due to the decreased number of riders because of the light situation (or whatever else your excuse may be) Sarah and I will take care of dinner next week. Just RSVP on the team calendar or give us a call so we know how many to plan for. I'm planning on a long ride for sometime sunday morning. Given the current weather forecast I doubt too many people will be interested; but if on the off chance you are, give me a call for the skinny. Have a good weekend.

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