Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Lull

I seem to be in the midst of a cycling lull as of the last couple of weeks or so. Last year I had the stage race and Hugh's Humongous 100 to keep me motivated in September. This year, both events were left off the schedule. Hugh's ride because he cancelled it. In all fairness it would have been difficult for him to organize/host the event from his place in France. I skipped out on the stage race for two reasons: One, I wanted to see whether or not the course changes happened before I went back. From all the reports I've read so far, the changes happened (We hope to head back next fall, the race sounded awesome). Two, Sarah and I are going to California for a couple of weeks in November, so it would have been tough to get the extra time off. What does all this mean? It means I have been particularly lazy in terms of riding/training. The weather of late hasn't really helped things out either. Basically, it boils down to this: Unless some race promoter has my money for an event in the near future (like a month or two), I find it very hard to stay focused on my "training". I ride less, and I eat and drink more (I know, hard to believe right). So at any rate, I plan to take a three pronged approach in order to put the skids on my unacceptable backsliding. Part one will be to ride more. Part two actually has two very similar subparts: aggressive trail building, coupled with aggressive tree removal for backcountry skiing at the Tower. Part three will most likely prove to be an allusive component of The Plan. I'd like to take my yoga practice to the next level, but that will require practicing at home. The whole goal of The Plan is to get me in shape for what I'm hoping will be an exciting race season on the snow. I'm about set on a schedule that will include 5 to 6 almost entirely new (to me) races between late December and early March. In terms of long term bike plans, i.e. next season, I'm thinking about doubling down on the 100 milers again in the spring. Instead of the Cohutta/Lumberjack combo of two years ago, I'm leaning towards the Mohican/Lumberjack combo for 2010. Also, this race has appeared on the very periphery of the radar. It's a faint blip, but it's there. It would be, far and away, the hardest race to date for me. I'll know by the end of November or early December whether or not "I get in". Tomorrows WNR ride is looking like it might be a little wet, but you won't melt. Come on out anyway. Over and out.

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