Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Track Singletrack

Rob and Tim came out to HQ yesterday at noon for a long ride in the woods. We set off north on the usual North Loop route. They have continued their logging operations up that way, and now there is a really nasty, huge mud bog about 2/3 of the way up. It requires dismounting and the very real possibility of muddy wet feet. We went around on the way home, and I will continue to do so until spring. Tim seems to think they'll probably "clean it up a little" when they are finished. We'll see. Anyway, we rode north on some very wet and technical two tracks until we got to the NCT on Van. Rd. We hit up the singletrack south to Middle Village Rd. where we turned west to head home. It was right around then that rain that had been threatening all day finally started. It wasn't a downpour or anything, but it was steady. From there we took South Beacon/Radle/Webb/Stuts/Home. I just looked at my numbers again to see how fast I got going down that last paved hill on Stutsmanville. I knew I was going super fast, but I couldn't risk looking down yesterday what with the rain and all. My GPS unit is normally very accurate, but maybe it hit a blip or something yesterday. It recorded my max. speed at 50.3 mph. Holy Crap. It did feel a little faster than normal (low 40's), but I thought it was just the rain and cold. Hmm. Bottom line: 24.8 miles/2 hours 33 minutes/ 2025 feet climbing. A good ride indeed.

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