Monday, May 03, 2010

Big A** Nature Preserve Loop

I got out for a short ride on Saturday, and I got out for a long one yesterday: 47 miles in 4 hours and 23 minutes. Benson joined me for the first half, and it sure was nice to have some company for part of the ride. I tried to upload the data to Garmin account just now so you could see the loop I rode, but I'm getting all sorts of static. This may, or may not make sense so I'll keep it brief. Surfwood/Hugh's/Lamkin/Readmond Twp. Park/Middle Village/Lone Rock/Good Hart Nature Preserve/South Beacon/Geary Rd/Pond Hill (Benson heads back to HQ)/Middle Rd/Catob/Emmett Heights/Bester/Offield Nature Preserve/Roaring Brook/Glen Drive Nature Preserve/Bull Moose Nature Preserve/119/Lower Shore/Wasson's Grade/Terpening/Sawmill/Home. Anyway, it was a good long ride, and I had fun. WNR @ HQ this week.


Sarge said...

Sounds like one hell of a ride. I'm assuming that it was a road ride?

WPG said...

No. I was on the 29er w/ gears. All of the Preserves have some sort of trail to ride, and I tried to stick to as much dirt road as possible in between.

Sarge said...

Right on, nice.