Monday, May 24, 2010

One Speed Weekend

I got out for rides on Saturday and Sunday, both on the dirt with the singlespeed. Saturday: I rode the Loop/Pond Hill. Sandy, but I rode the creek for the first time in a long time, and it's rideable for the most part with the exception of one big tree that requires a quick dismount. I don't know who cleaned it up, but thanks. Sunday: Matt said he wanted to do a long ride, somewhere in the three hour range. That was fine by me. We rode two-tracks and dirt roads all the way up Cross Village, and then we headed back south via the NCT and Middle Village Rd. In the end it was a little more than three hours, more like three hours and forty minutes. We ended up with just over 40 miles. It was 85 degrees by the time we wrapped it up, and I made a bee line for the lake courtesy of Hugh and Denise's stairs. The water is still really fu**ing cold, but it felt so good. WNR is @ Boyne this week. Hope to see you there. Over and out.

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