Thursday, May 13, 2010

WNR # 9

Attendance: Myself, Benson, Matt, Damon, Sarah, and Jess. Charlie, Cheryl, and Bobbi rode at a later start time as well.

Weather: Picture perfect. Sunny with temps. in the high 50's.

Trail Conditions: It was the first time riding at Avalanche Mountain for everyone in our group. Upon completion of the ride, it was unanimously agreed upon that the trails there are awesome. Great flowing singletrack with lots of elevation changes. An awesome view of Lake Charlevoix at the top. About the only complaint is that there isn't more trail to ride. Luckily they seem to be in the process of expanding.

It was a great night for a ride. Matt and I got out for a little pre-ride, and mistakingly rode up and down what we later learned was the "new downhill" trail. Then Benson and Damon joined us at 6:30 and we rode up to the top from the opposite (correct) direction. From there, we took the trail Matt and I rode first back down to the parking lot. It makes for a pretty short loop, but my legs were pretty toasted still from the century on Sunday, so that was fine by me. Next weeks WNR is the Ride of Silence. Please come out to support the cause. Long ride on tap for Sunday morning, Boynish. Give me a shout if you're interested. Have a good weekend.

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Sarah said...

Pete forgot to mention that the girls ripped up that single track like no other business!!! This trail made us feel like the biggest bad a** chick bikers ever.