Thursday, May 20, 2010

WNR # 10 (Ride of Silence)

Benson's partially reassembled wrecked (courtesy of the stupid bi**h that ran him over) road bike.

Benson giving over the ride information.

Attendance: 63 confirmed riders.

Weather: Absolutely perfect. Sunny and 75 degrees.

Trail (road) Conditions: Since the city has been tearing up a ton of the streets this spring, there were a few detours and patches of dirt. Other than that things were peachy.

I felt it was definitely a better ride this year. We had a great turnout, and everybody seemed to be more on the same page compared to last year. The police escort in both the front and the rear also helped things tremendously. The new route was a welcome change as well. Thanks again to Benson for organizing everything and getting all the logistics dialed in. Next weeks WNR is back on the dirt at Boyne. I just rode there last weekend and the trails are in great shape. Come on out and give them a ride. Have a good weekend and pedal safely.

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