Thursday, May 27, 2010

WNR # 11

Attendance: Myself, Benson, Charlie, Kevin, Secret Steve, Doug, Damon, Sarah, Cheryl, Amber, Bobbie, Sherri, Rob, Hugh and Denise (on the tandem).

Weather: Sunny and Hot, about 85 degrees at the start of the ride.

Trail Conditions: Sandy as all get out. More logging apparently as well, a couple of new trail closures.

It was a good ride all the same in spite of the heat and sand. Thanks to Chris and Amber for hosting the after party. The grilled chicken was most excellent. I'm most likely out for any pre-scheduled riding this weekend due to the holiday weekend at work. Benson and Kevin were talking about doing an early morning ride on the NCT Monday though if anyone is interested. Next week's WNR at the HQ. I'm pretty sure Sarah handed down food assignments last night, but if not get in touch if you want to contribute. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.


Christopher said...

8:30 am Memorial ride starting at Van Rd & riding NCT south to Kipp & back (or drop your car at Kipp like a wuss) Meet at Kipp at 8 for pooling.

BTW Pete, who the hell is Bonnie in the ride report??? Bobbie typo?

WPG said...

You know what I meant. What's a couple of b's between friends anyway? Permanent record is now fixed.