Monday, August 23, 2010

The End Is Near

You can feel the end of summer right around the corner. It's getting dark earlier and earlier in the evening. Things at the store are slowing down quite a bit. There is a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel that is summer for me. I like fall; and while I may have originally thought my season of bike racing was over due to a trip to Vermont in the beginning of October, I've decided to stretch it out and get in one last race a couple of days before we depart. I figure it'll keep me riding steadily through the month of September, and it will allow me to leave the bikes at home for the first vacation without them in I don't know how long. We'll be previewing the racecourse on this weeks WNR. I don't much care for the name of the race and the course probably isn't going to be that great, but it's the least amount of driving I'll have ever undertook to get to a mountain bike race. And I feel like I should support local bike events and sh*t. I'll be racing in the expert/singlespeed division, but there's a category for everyone so come on out and race. BTW, there are two new miles of sweet technical singletrack at the highlands. Near the back corner of the pines hang a left and check it out. Over and out.


SARGE said...

My mom sent me a flyer for that race. Glad to see some mtb racing so close to home. With a race that close, there's no excuses not to join in the fun.

WPG said...

Ditto on the fixie phenomenon Sarge. We've got a kid who works at the local coffee shop and rides one. He generally has on the skinny jeans, but he goes a step further in the stupid category. He always has a helmet, but it's always strapped to the bag he carries. If you're not going to wear the thing, you might as well leave it at home.


Yes, the end is near. As the rides come to an end each week, there is just a little less light available to brave the trails. Lights will start becoming mandatory. Looking back, what a fantastic start we've had this year, and what a great riding season! As well, it can be said that a little friendly competition between the WNRiders has improved everyone's performance. Looking forward to the change of season!