Thursday, August 19, 2010

WNR-Avalanche Bay AWESOME! (insert fist pump)

Attendance: Myself (Sarah), Cheryl, Bobbie, Pete, Benson, Charlie, Kevin, and two other Chris’s.
The Boy’s and Bobbie took off, not to be seen by Cheryl or me until their second lap, except for Pedro and another stick in the derailleur incident….
Paddle Peddle Cheryl and I started off at a great pace and were flying down some awesome downhills, when her water bottle cage kept bouncing on her back tire at every descent. Since I carry tools at all times, ( Matt N flatted at O2S and found a good stranger to give him a tube and a pump because he wasn’t carrying), I pulled out my multi and fixed her right up. From there we were gliding up those root covered hills and flying down the twists and turns giggling the whole way!
While enjoying the beautiful view from the top, we noticed for the first time that the days are getting shorter. Fall is on its way and with that comes lights for night riding. Cheryl may have convinced me to try it, at least once.
As always it was a great time to catch up on our week’s news and ride an amazing trail that never gets old. We had a great ride with no need for speed; we played and stayed rubber side down!
My quick note from O2S weekend: I don’t think I have ever had this much fun with this group of WNR’s! All of you have come a long way with your riding and I just wanted to say, you guys rock! To come to the WNR every week must mean something to all of us because we keep coming back for more!
Congratulations to all of my friends and husband on a great race!
I had fun!

After party T2 Headquarters North

Race Face


SARGE said...

Nice post Sarah! Nice to see everyone's smiling faces at O2S. Sorry I didn't post last week, didn't want to steal the O2S thunder, plus, house hunting has been consuming most of my life lately.

SARGE said...

Oh yeah, glad to see Pete keepin' it real with the race face pose. Atta boy.

Jason said...

Hey, nice T! ;)