Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Preview and a Review

The Preview:

As some of you may have recently heard, Kristina and I are expecting a child on Dec. 20th!!!  We are so excited and extremely stoked to be parents.  I've been a bit preoccupied lately with the thoughts of being a dad.  As well as reading lots of books and pamphlets, I've been doing quite a bit of research on the internet regarding what to expect as we get further along in pregnancy.  While doing this internet research, I'm easily distracted, though; and, as I cruise a handful of bicycle blogs that I like to read on a regular basis, I found the two videos below.  I suppose there is some new meaning to these now.  Something for me to look forward to teaching and watching my son or daughter do on a bicycle.

I think I'd get this kid some pedals, but he sure does stylee maneuvers without them.

This kid amazes me as well; i can only dream of shredding the gnar like this.

The Review:

As I had posted a few weeks earlier, I finally broke down and bought a high end freewheel for the Surly 1x1.  My initial, pre-ride thoughts regarding the White Industries 16 tooth freewheel were very positive and encouraging that I had made a great purchase.  After several rides using this new, thread-on freewheel, my initial thoughts were confirmed.  It is so reminiscent of when I got my first set of Chris King hubs.  The engagement action is great, it rides smooth, and it's everything I ever wanted in a freewheel.

I'd give it thumb's up as well, Chuck.


WPG said...

The bike in that first video is called a "balance bike". Niko has one; and while he doesn't shred quite as well as that little guy, he did ride most of the Loop behind the house a couple of weeks ago on it. Congratulations and good luck with the kid.

SARGE said...

I'm pretty impressed that Niko could do the entire loop on a balance bike. Pretty soon he'll be joining the WNR minus the post ride beers for a few years.