Thursday, August 12, 2010

WNR #22-Meadows

Well, it's the last Wednesday Night Ride before the Ore to Shore so under the guidance of Benson the crew headed out to The Meadows behind Boyne Highlands for a nice easy ride. This week's attendees included Benson, Rob, Charlie and Cheryl, Bobbi, Steve, Kevin, Joe and for a moment Emily (until she figured out Joe didn't pack her front wheel...Joe probably sleepin on the couch) and special guest Chris McKay. Since it is only a few days before a big race we took it easy. In other words Charlie and Rob had to stay in the middle of the pack so they couldn't try to kill each other and drop the rest of us in their never ending quest for the elusive polka-dot jersey. As we took of it started to sprinkle a bit and as I had checked the weather before leaving the house I was pretty sure that we were gonna get soaked. Luckily, it just rained a little bit, making the trail very tacky but not at all slippery. Other than the 80+ temperature and 90%+ humidity that almost requires scuba equipment it was a great ride. Benson lead and kept everyone in check. We headed up along the 2 track, out to the bridges, did a short lap out into the pines and down the red, headed back to to the stuffed lamb, up to north peak, across to south peak, down the new trail and back to the lot. We rode for a little over an hour with no stops. Only one good crash on the ride by Chris on the final descent with no injuries. After a few rehydrating beverages in the parking lot and the usual post-ride discussions everyone headed home. Good luck at the Ore to Shore everybody!! Can't wait for the Post Bicycle Refreshments after the race.


Sarah said...

Hey Sarge, Does this description of the trail bring you back?
P, Matty & I stayed home and had yummy grilled cheese and watched the down pour that Boyne didn't get.

SARGE said...

Yeah, it really takes me back, think I ought to plan a trip next summer for a Highlands WNR. Good luck to everyone this weekend at the O2S, and, most importantly, have fun!!! Nice job Secret Steve.