Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling Like a Slacker...

I know that it's been quite some time since my last post, but I must say that life has felt a bit overwhelming lately.  And so, I've taken a month off from riding.  Not necessarily by choice.  Nor did I even realize that I was doing it at the time.  Folks, I must say that buying a house, preparing to move, getting married, and having a child were not really meant to happen all at the same time or pushed into the same month.  Welcome to my world.  Although these are all great things leading up to one of life's greatest pleasures, one of life's simple pleasures has been put on the back burner...  riding my bike.  I feel like a slacker.  I feel lazy.  I feel rushed.  I feel like I need clarity.  I feel...  well, like I need to go out and ride my g*d damn bike.  So, this weekend's goal... no, wait...  requirement, besides packing, is to get out and ride, damn it!!!  I'll make a post real soon about how good it feels to get my ass kicked after an extended break.  Until then, check out all the cool bike sh*t that I've come across while cleaning and packing.  Amongst the piles of loose bike parts and dirty rags, I've uncovered some classics...  and a spare bedroom.  It's been a while since I've taken inventory of my bicycle collection.  Lot's of work to be done on these babies, but with a garage and a proper work space at the new place, it's sure to get done...  eventually.
From front to back:
1.  Early 70's Azuki 10-Speed, Blue
2.  Late 60's/Early 70's Sears Roebuk 3-Speed, Black
3.  1965 Schwinn Fiesta, White
4.  1971 Schwinn Collegiate, Green
5.  Mid to Late 70's All-Pro, Beige
1965 Schwinn Fiesta
Anybody remember this old girl?  She's been retired for a few years now.  Brand new front triangle has only had about four rides on it before the SS started dominating the dojo.


WPG said...

I almost forgot about that old Sugar. Hugh has one that's even a bit older, and I think the only time it gets ridden is when Mike Bodt borrows it while he's visiting. Have a good ride this weekend Sarge.

Action Chuck said...

A few weeks ago, I helped my aunt move stuff from her old house, and one of the items was an old, what I refer to as, and some locals would too, a "Point" bike (Harbor Point). It had a three speed hub, fenders and the whole shootin' match...but what I thought was pretty cool was that it incorporated an old grip shift system!