Thursday, September 30, 2010

Number Twenty Nine

Attendance: Myself, Racin' Rob, Secret Steve, A/C, Kevin, Sarah, and Cheryl.

Weather: Sunny and 60 degrees.

Trail Conditions: Excellent. I spent a little over two hours cleaning up the trail before the ride. The biggest project involved firing up the chainsaw to finally clear out the Bodhisize trail that has been clogged with downed trees most of the summer. It's really nice to be able to get through there without dismounting and climbing over a bunch of crap.

Sarah took Cheryl on some new trails; and since most of my group is racing this weekend, I led out what I was hoping to be a leisurely (as if that's even possible anymore with this crew) ride around Pond Hill Farm. After the ride, we were all treated to another delicious dinner from RaRa. Next weeks WNR is @ Boyne. Bring your lights for sure. RaRa and I are departing for the east coast next Wednesday afternoon, so we'll be out for the next two WNR's. Ride well and keep the rubber side down. Perhaps I'll post up some stuff from the road. Over and out.

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