Thursday, September 09, 2010


My first blog how exciting! This weeks ride at Boyne Highlands was rather cool and cloudy and with recent rain a little....O.K. alot slippery. Time to get out those long sleeve jerseys.
Riders attending this week included myself (Racin Rob), Rock Conquering Chris Benson , Secret Sandbager Steve , Kamikaze Kevin , Action Chuck and sidekick Super Cheryl , Jamin Joe , Pedalin Pedro , Singletrackin Sarah , Newer Chris , and Chain Krushing Kerri. Quite a cast of characters huh. Pedalin pedro got an early start and was already out on the trail and would meet us in the new section between the pines and Stutsmanville rd. Rock Conquering Chris rode with Singletrackin Sarah and Chain Krushing Kerri to introduce them to that same new section.
The rest of us took off up the valley with Secret Sandbagger Steve leading the way. we decided to add a little mileage and ride the bridges section on our way out to the new trail. There were alot of trees and branches down from all of the high winds over the holiday weekend and just as we started into the bridges section there was a good size tree down over the trail. Action Chuck decided to take action and show us a good line to get back on the trail. As he started his descent the slippery hillside and gravity put him head first into that downed tree. he was O.K. but I thought we might have to call in a helicopter to lift him out. There was some talk about mounting a winch to his bike to get him out of these situations. We finally made it to the pines and into the new section and caught up to Benson, Sarah and Kerri. As we got going again Kamikaze Kevin
took a log to the shin and had a nice goose egg. It looked painfull but he powered through. nice job! We kept going and ran into Pete as he was coming back south. He decided to ride back with Benson , Sarah And Kerri. Kerri was breaking in her new Salsa Mamacita 29er and break it in she did. The chain had come off and was pinched, sucked or jamed behind the big chainring and frame. Pete and Benson carefuly got it out with just a few minor scratches on that pretty red frame. A little red finger nail polish should touch it up nicely. The rest of us made it to Stutsmanville rd. and I decided to do a few wheelies on the pavement before we headed back south. With all of the trees down there was a lot of creative an competitive trail cutting (you know who u are) all in good fun. As we headed back to the meadow it was getting dark in the woods so those that had lights lit up the trail. We all made it back safe and enjoyed some beverages , chips and pretzels and made plans for next week. Just a reminder only 350 days untill COPPER HARBOR FAT TIRE FESTIVAL 2011 JUST RIDE AND SMILE

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Sarah said...

Nice job Rob!!! Love the names.