Tuesday, September 07, 2010


So I started work on another new trail yesterday afternoon/evening. It's going to be a continuation of the "other new trail" that debuted during last weeks WNR. When finished, it will be known as the "lower loop". It will be it's own self-contained loop between the house and the road. It will cross the driveway twice, and it will have at least one bridge feature and perhaps a teeter totter. I'm hoping to have it done before we leave for Vermont next month.



I'm really digging (no pun intended) this trail building gig. It's quite rewarding to see the results from a few hours of manual labor here and there, and it's always fun to ride new trails. Plus I'm getting some good upper body/core workouts to get geared up for ski season. I'm still waiting on a report from the race that Benson and Racin Rob attended in Keewenaw country over the weekend. Over and out.

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