Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bishop 1996-2007

March 27th 2007 marked the passing of the best dog I have yet to have known. Bishop enjoyed over 10 years as our completely spoiled boy. I cannot comfortably put into words everything that he meant to us, I can only give some words that best describe him. Bishop was warm, friendly, loving, patient, regal, intelligent, strong, fast, loyal, vocal, interested, sweet, inspiring, party-loving, at-the-ready, constant, vigilant, extraordinary, obedient, handsome, tender, a good listener, mischievous, serious, stubborn, sharp, hug-able, grumpy, inquisitive, spirited, helpful, generous (especially with kisses), comical, heroic, focused, gentle, playful, wise, a great companion, soulful, wishful, trustworthy, independent, dependable, comfortable, name but a few of his qualities. He was like a son, brother and friend to me and was much more than a pet. He was a wonderful brother & companion for Kira. Bishop enjoyed a spoiled & pampered life and will be truly missed. Thanks to everyone who shared in his life and our memories.

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WPG said...

Hey guys. So sorry about Bish. Even though they didn't get to play too much lately (because the gdog turned into a mean old bastard), I'll always remember bringing Guinness over to play with Bishop when we both lived on Ann St. The very fact that he used to let G tackle him and pin him down by the throat is a testament to his good nature and funloving spirit.