Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Good to hear that Chrs and Amber are getting some good rides in while they're on vacation. I'm thinking that after the storm that came through here yesterday and last night, our own twisty fun trails will be open for riding soon. Just in time too. As much fun as I've had on the road bike, I'm itching to get out on the singletrack with the singlespeed. I had the first day off the bike in two weeks yesterday, and so what did I do? Worked on my bikes. First off, the road bike needed a new rear tire and a new chain. I then turned my attention to the singlespeed. Last week I almost ordered a new crankset for her, but then I remembered something: I had a really nice RaceFace crankset in one of the toolboxes that came off the old razorback. I removed the stock junkyass cranks, and then went to twist the spindle on the bottom bracket. It barely moved. It felt as if someone had replaced the bearings with small misshapen rocks. Off to the store for a new (and lighter) BB. I Got it all put back together and went for a short spin. It works, It's lighter, It looks cool. I'm a happy camper. So happy I may have to hit up the Loop today even though it may be a tad muddy. I'll report back on trail conditions if I go. Remember, the first WNR (wed. night ride) of the season is April 4, and I'm calling it now: 6:30 @ the field. Be there or be square.

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