Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Great Bear Chase

Greetings from the great u.p. I just finished up my last race of the season, and I'm glad to say that it ended on a good (albeit sore) note. Cycling requires little upper body strength. Cross country ski racing requires a great deal, and my arms are sore right now just typing. My legs felt great today in the 26k classic race, but my arms hurt from the beginning. I ended up doing okay in the grand scheme of things: 1hr. 42min. 27th out of 57 classic men overall and 4th in the 30-39 age group. My avg. h.r. was a whopping 177 (new high for a race avg.). However, I do look forward to getting back on the bikes. If nothing else, it will be nice to do something that I am actually somewhat good at. Cross country ski racing is so hard. I'm still learning so many little tricks, and there is room for a great deal of improvement. I anticipate a few more days on the snow, but it will be so relaxing to not have a race hanging over my head for a little while. Time to pile on the base miles on the bike and be ready to rock for the 1st annual Team Terpening 3-day stage race (may 18-20). Until then, we'll ski on tuesday nights until the snow melts. Take care, and thanks for reading.

p.s. For those not in the know: Our good friend and training companion Angie is moving to Ashville, N.C. This picture was taken at headquarters the first night we met her special friend Dan. We wish her the best of luck in the move, and are happy to have the excuse to visit that great part of the world.

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