Monday, March 19, 2007

Energy Conservation

We just finished up the first week of springing forward faster. I was not real excited about having it be dark out when I normally get up, but it turns out I really do enjoy the much later sunset. I'm not so sure that this small measure will end our dependence on foreign oil (that was old gdub's spin), but it's been nice all the same. The weather has also been downright balmy. Out of six bike rides this week three were actually outside. Yesterday I rode up to the Readmond Twp. Park (just north of Good Hart). I hit up the singletrack down to the beach, and then I cruised south on Lamkin Drive back up to 119. This was also a little research ride as well; this section of road and trail will most certainly be a deciding factor in stage 2 of The Team Terpening 3-day Stage Race to be held May 18-20. That climb at the south end of Lamkin is a bitch, and there are still two more big climbs to go after that point. We've all got just about two months to prepare, so get out there and ride for gosh sakes. Hopefully Chris and Amber are getting in some good rides on vacation down in Virginia. There are only two more weeks of yoga left, and then it's time for the Wednesday Night Ride to start up again. In the mean time, take care and be good.

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