Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Powder Day

The weather is supposed to warm up for the next day or two, but then it's back down in the teens with more snow forecast through the week. Conditions should remain ideal. John, Marcus, and Tim met Sarah and I yesterday morning for two hours of great powder skiing at the Tower. I'd been out for a long (though not quite as long as planned) classic ski the day before; so by the time we hit the two hour mark yesterday, my legs were pretty toasted. Well, that's nothing a little 170 degree sauna won't cure. It sure did the trick because we were able to summon the motivation to soldier on with the big purge. We're in the process of systematically removing items from the home that are deemed to be either unused and/or redundant. This t.v. below is a prime example. Booger One brought it into the house about ten years ago, and it's been putting down roots and serving no real purpose ever since. I've always been intimidated by the thought of lugging that heavy ass thing down the spiral staircase. But all that changed yesterday when Sarah got out her toolbox and set about dismantling the sucker. I pitched in; and before too long, we had it in two somewhat manageable pieces. It's in the back of my car right now awaiting transfer to the dumpster. Yeah. I also managed to purge my clothes closet as well. I've got about 30 extra hangers now, and The Challenge Mountain Resale Shop should be pretty happy with some new stylish (albeit a little used) duds. Anyway, WNS at Middle Village this week @ 6:30. Hope to see you out there.

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