Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We've finally got snow, and I mean a lot of snow. Conditions for all forms of skiing are exceptional. If you don't get out there and enjoy it, SHAME ON YOU. I've been getting a little nervous about the big race coming up here in a little over two weeks. Sometimes when I think about it, 50 kilometers seems like an awful long way to ski. So after snowblowing the driveway yesterday morning, I headed out to Nub's for a long classic ski. I did all 28 km in 2 hours and 3 minutes. It was a hard effort for sure (avg. hr 157 max 177), but definitely not one I couldn't have kept up for a bit longer. That went a long way to putting my mind at ease, and I'm going to shoot for a full 50 on saturday afternoon. Once I've got that in the bag, I'll rest a little easier for the two weeks leading up to the race. In non race-related news: The backcountry conditions at The Tower are excellent. I'll be out there sunday again for sure, and I may try and sneak in a few turns before yoga tomorrow. WNS @ Headquarters tonight. It's supposed to be pretty darn cold so I figured relaxing in front of the fire after sure beat the heck out of standing by the cars on Middle Village Road. Come on out for a 6:30 start, and bring something to throw on the grill if you want to stay for dinner afterwards.

Bike-related news: Still managing my two 1.5-2 hour rides a week inside, but this snow outside is making it really, really hard. I'm thinking about seeing if I can maybe just do one longer ride a week next month. The snow's just too good. Also, I've been in contact with Scott Quiring, and a geared 29er is officially in the works. I should have it in plenty of time for the Cohutta 100. The Scalpel is going to be parted out. It'll be sad to see her go, but I just can't ride those little wheels any longer. Take care, be good, and ski well.

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Sarge said...

Let me know what parts you are selling from the scalpel. I would be interested in brakes for sure. Keep me posted.