Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday: With arctic conditions predicted for saturday and sunday, I decided to get my long ski in friday morning before work instead of saturday. I went out to Good Hart Farms for a two hour classic ski, and I felt pretty good the whole time. I feel even better about my classic technique now that I've floundered around the new skate skis a couple of times.

Saturday: After work I did an hour and a half on the bike before I fired up the sauna. The sauna feels even better when the temps. are in the single digits.

Sunday: I was supposed to do an easy paced recovery ski for forty-five minutes to an hour. But some nice backcountry skiing seemed like way more fun. It was cold out there (10 degrees + wind), but that didn't stop John, Marcus, Tim and I from getting in a solid two and a half hours of climbing and turning up at The Tower. I got a couple of quick video clips, but it was just too cold for any longer filming. This one of Marcus is a great example of how easy he makes it look.

I ended up with 11.5 hours on the week, and I'm feeling good. WNS location this week to be determined wednesday morning. I'll post it here, or give me a call at the store in the morning and I'll let you know. Stay warm.

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