Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Got out to the MVSC for the first time in a while yesterday, and conditions are the best I've ever seen. We've all been skiing at the tower or Fisher Rd. so there were no other tracks anywhere out there. While that does provide a certain visual appeal, it's tough breaking trail through a foot of snow by yourself. That brings me to another issue with downhill skiing in the woods by yourself: you're by yourself. If you happen to run into a tree or hurt yourself through some other calamity there's nobody to go for help. That's one of the reasons I wear a helmet and let someone know where I'm going to be skiing. At least if I don't show up at home, Sarah will know where to start looking. Better safe than sorry. Anyway, the skiing was awesome and I got in a real good workout to boot: close to 1500 ft. of climbing/descending and an average heart rate of 152. WNS tonight at Good Hart Farm. 6:30 and bring a headlamp. Over and out.


Sarge said...

Dude, one question. What does MVSC stand for? Middle Village Ski Club?

WPG said...

You got it Sarge.