Thursday, January 17, 2008

WNS/R Report

I was able to get in an hour and a half on the bike yesterday afternoon before heading out to ski at 6:15. James and I were the only skiers last night, but we had a good time all the same. We skied for almost an hour. The snow out at MVSC has held up pretty well; and if we get this snow they're talking about over the next few days, things should once again become ideal. Get ready for the cold temps. this weekend, but don't let them keep you inside. Just bundle up and get out there. Have a good weekend everybody.


Sarge said...

Not racing at Boyne this year?

WPG said...

No I'm not. None of them really fit into my overall schedule, and my racing plate's fairly full as it is anyway. Are you going to be racing at all this year?

Sarge said...

I might do the NOVA Desert Classic just for the hell of it, or at least go down and watch the pro races. The race season is already in full swing for the Dust Devil Series. The next series starts in March, I believe. Don't really have any plans on racing this year, just enjoying the local rides.